Bump Free Bikini Waxing Is Possible

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Those who have already tried bikini waxing before can relate to the fact that most of the time, bikini waxing leaves red bumps on the skin. This is particularly true if you are doing the waxing yourself. If you have the waxing done at a waxing salon, there is a lesser chance that red bumps on the skin will be an issue.

It doesnít mean; however, that there is nothing more that you can do about red bumps. The truth is that there is. You can avoid red bumps after bikini waxing. The red bumps are results of clogged pores and hair follicles. The skin gets irritated and thus these red bumps start to appear. In most cases, they appear right after you wax your bikini area.

To avoid red bumps on the skin, you should remember to exfoliate. When are you going to exfoliate? You need to exfoliate before and at least a couple of days after the bikini waxing procedure. Why do you have to exfoliate before waxing? Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells on the bikini area. If these dead skin cells are not removed, they will clog the pores after you have pulled out the hair. This will then cause the irritation and red bumps.

When you exfoliate before the bikini waxing procedure, you can use a loofah or other exfoliating product. You can also find body wash with exfoliating beads. You can use them and make sure to scrub gently. Aside from removing dead skin cells, exfoliating the bikini area is a good way to soften the skin as well. When the skin is softer, it will be easier for you to pull the hairs off. After exfoliating, make sure to wash the area clean. There should be no soap residue on the area.

After a bikini wax procedure, you should also consider exfoliating. However, you should wait after at least a couple of days before you try to exfoliate. Start with a very gentle exfoliation. Your skin may still be quite sore because of waxing. You donít want to irritate your skin any further. Exfoliation will help relieve red bumps and at the same time, it will help avoid ingrown hairs.

Aside from exfoliation, you should also consider applying soothing cream or oil on the bikini area. You can mix baby oil with salicylic acid based astringent. The oil helps relieve the soreness of the skin while the salicylic ingredient helps avoid clogging of the pores and the hair follicles. When the pores and follicles are clear, there will be no red bumps on the skin.

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